90’s Kids? The best kids!

“I would come down and play when I was little, and that accounts for my skateboard, bicycle, badminton rackets etc.”

“Yeah, when I was little, i would also go down and play. I even got into physical arguments with the boys. Like …. I have had actual fights with the boys … I did get injured badly, but gosh, every second was worth it…They were making fun of me and calling me weak, then I was like, ‘Bitch, let’s see who’s the weakest one now!’ And then … I got a bloody nose and sore muscles as a result ….”

“Wow, you were intense….”

“Yep, but i have turned into a much softer person now LOL..It’s sad that most kids these days stay only at home … Like c’mon, come outside and enjoy your youth while it lasts…”

“I know right, they are all studying or playing video games in their air-conditioned rooms…The outdoor environment is more fun!!”