A math professor with so much SWAG

After a long and drowsy calculus 3 lecture this morning, I almost fell asleep but didn’t *insert applause and praise here* After class I decided to go to office hours to get clarifications from lecture notes or maybe just finish the Gateway exam at MATLAB (i got the gateway date wrongfully so nvm.) Just as I was frustrated over not being able to find a GSI, I randomly walked into this professor: Paul’s or Dr. Kessenich’s office whom I thought was a 215 GSI’s. And oh my god, how nice and sweet is he !!! He not only clarified my confusions but gave me a lesson on love as well !!! He saw me not as a student but as a friend (he told me I’m a friend, so …. YAY !!!! Me is happy LOL,) that’s so cuteee!!! Below is a portion of our conversation that made no sense but made us both extremely happy!!

“Actually my boyfriend is a computer science major, so he knows calc 3 really well, I can ask him, but I just don’t want to give him more work when he is already dedicating so much time to programming.”

“Hey, a relationship should be based on trust and love and helping one another. I mean, my wife always came to me for help, and I went to her when I needed help as well. I need to prep for lecture now”

“Aww. How adorable. Wait, what’s your name ?”

“My name is Paul. Nice to meet you.What’s your name?”

“My name is Wenyu!”

  • I stepped outside to see his name tag.

“Oh wait so you are professor Kessenich?”

“Oh, I prefer to go by Paul. Students only call me professor when they need something from me…You’re my friend! Friends call each other by first names.”

“Awwwweee. That’s so sweet of you to consider me your friend !! I’m so flattered.”

“Oh please, I’m just as flattered to have a friend like you.”

O(∩_∩)O Yay!! It was a hella good morning to make friends with a professor !!!! As each day passes by, my confidence and skills in math 215 is boosting !!! I’m excited for this course !!! Shall I do well !!!