Free Wifi? Free Wifi!

“Hey, I’m sorry…for continuously using your wifi…”

“How did you know our password?”

“…Last year I tried a bunch and got it right…It’s just ‘1234567,’ right? ”

“No, that not our password…”

“I’m not talking about the main server, it’s the 5176 wifi…”

” *2-second surprise stare* Well….Interesting … It’s ok …”

“Well, I’m using yours because your wifi allows me to use proxy to get on foreign sites…My home wireless blocks is ChinaNet, and it blocks any proxy attempts…”

“OH, LOL. Can you teach me how to proxy, too?”

“…(Wait what how is he letting me use his store’s wifi) Sure…But can you guys not change the password of the WANAN5176 WiFi´╝č”

“Don’t worry, I won’t change that password. Feel free to use it! Also, feel free to recommend my store to your family and neighbors.”

“Of course.”