Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 27)

I rock for keeping Christ 1st.

I rock for finishing my 2nd year at the University of Michigan.

I rock for going through s much shit and am still thriving.

I rock for having lifelong besties of all ages in both Shanghai and the U.S..

I rock for being fluent in Chinese and English.

I rock for always being the person that I am.

I rock for keeping a boyfriend alive for the 1st time for over a year.

I rock for keeping myself alive and sane for 20 years.

Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 24)

Dear Wenyu,

As one of your best friends since elementary school, I have always looked up to you. Yes, you did not read wrongfully. I really did look up to you.

You’ve gone through so much more than most people, in fact, so much more than I will ever bear yet you never got defeated by the trauma that you have experienced, and you only got stronger as a result.

Even though you have felt weak and worthless at bad times, you are actually a tough fighter who is always fighter on the front line, for not just yourself, but others as well.

Whether it is giving me college recommendations or running Novi Chemistry Society, you have always been contributing to those surrounding you. And I admire your strength and strong willingness to live your life to its fullest potential.

You didn’t know this, but yes, you were the one who helped me during my roughest times of college application. So much shit happened, and I was on the verge of giving up, but as soon as I thought of you. The thought of: If Wenyu could do it, why couldn’t I came to mind, and I persisted and got to the Univesity of Sydney.

I love you and am honored to be your close friend. O(∩_∩)O~~

Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 23)

15 things I am grateful for:

  1. God
  2. love
  3. life
  4. health
  5. family
  6. friends
  7. home (Shanghai and America)
  8. UofM
  9. ice-cream
  10. junk food
  11. high metabolism
  12. knowledge
  13. education
  14. kindness
  15. peace


5 things I will be grateful for:

  1. my own husband
  2. my own children
  3. my passion
  4. my wealth
  5. my degrees

Love Your Life 30 Day Project (Day 5)

Before I visualize, I need to write down what I might see and feel.

What a typical day looks like:

I wake up at 6:30 thanking God for another day of life. I get excited just thinking about the joy and excitement that the day holds for me! I then send out ‘Good Morning’ messages to Tyler and my dad, wishing them a joyful day! After that I meet up with Tyler and go to the gym to run a 5 KM and workout with him! From exercising, I become more and more healthy! I shower after getting sweaty, then I put on pretty clothes and be pretty. After that I go back to have delicious meals, starting with a nutritious breakfast, then I go off to work to make pleasant money, while having a tasty lunch!! After work, I come back home to make myself the best food ever !! Glory to my dad for teaching me cooking LOL! I chill until it’s time to sleep, and before I sleep, I write my diary and thank God for a fullfilling day !!!!

The feelings I will have: content, peace, love, spirit, happiness, excitement, faith

Love Your Life 30 Day Project (Day 4)

My list of ways to showcase my inspiration includes writing diaries, forming a “goal collage,” listening to and singing beautiful songs, watching cute videos and so on. The one I just did was forming the goal collage.



The photo above is the collage that I just formed. Here are the significance of each photo, starting from the top left.

  1. Loving and being loved by Tyler.
  2. Loving and being loved by my grandpa.
  3. Loving and being loved by my dad.
  4. AHHHHH Loving and being loved by my #1 sister wife. From 2003 – 2017, we are going strong !!!!!!!!!!
  5. Loving and being loved by HKX. Again, it’s an honor to know you and your mother at the Shanghai Book Fair 2 years ago. I’m so glad that I’m still in deep connections with you !!!
  6. Caring for my neighbor, who is basically my son. I’ve known him since 2004.
  7. Loving and being loved by Shanghai.
  8. Loving and being loved by my cat.
  9. Loving and being loved by my God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Your Life 30 Day Project (Day 3)

So I didn’t receive an email about this project since day 3 and neglected to check on the tut site then, and thus this is the two-day late day 3 post.

Here are some juicy details to my day 1 big areas:

  1. spirituality: knowing Jesus on a deeper level and giving my foremost love and trust to him
  2. love:  loving God, my family, Tyler, my friends and this whole world!
  3. adventure: trying my best in new activities
  4. abundance: be abundant with spirituality, love and material
  5. health: to cure from Graves’ and be fully healthy !!!

Love Your Life 30 Day Project (Day 2)

The first theme I’m choosing is to be spiritually empowered. I have witnessed God’s glory through out my life, at my worst and best times. I cannot wait to witness what God has in planfor me in the New Year !!!

The second theme I am choosing is to love abundantly and receive back the amount of love that is just as abundant as the kind that I’m giving out. This is important to me because I want to fill up the world with love. Love is the most powerful and most infectious kind of force that can spread from person to person, person to nature, person to object … and vice versa. I intend to fill the whole world with love by starting to fill my world with love.

My third theme would be to be healthy! I’ve been having a chronic autoimmune illness for more than half a decade now. It’s a bummer, but I am thankful to have truly witness God from this journey and lived on;  I am thankful that my health now is so much better than my health from 6 years ago. I couldn’t even walk before, and now I am able-bodied! I had super speedy metabolism and was constantly hungry before, and now I’m able to feel food in my body! I was always tired back then and would sleep for 12 hours per day, and now my restlessness is getting better. I know a healthy body is the most important key to keep my daily functions running besides my faith in Christ, and so I am seeking full recovery from Graves’ in the new year!

Love Your Life 30 Day Project (DAY 1)

This is something worthy of my time, so I signed up for this via the TUT site in early December, and now I see it really coming to play. S/O to Mike Dooley for creating his wonderful website:, to spread positive energy and motivation. God knew I needed some inspiration from this man, so he guided me to TUT over the summer.
For 30 days, I’ll post each day’s task on this blog to monitor my progress. As always, the task of the day’s will be in the featured image.

My 5 general areas for change:

  1. spirituality: always putting my foremost trust in God and always having time for him.
  2. love:  Love encompasses treating this whole universe with endless love, whether it is supernatural or family or relationship or friendship or nature. Loving my family, not getting bothered by my family’s past drama (which I’m improving every day on this,) always being there for Tyler and being his biggest supporter, treating my friends with kindness and respect and loving this Earth are all my priorities and goals for the next year.
  3. adventure: be more open to try out new things and learn from them
  4. abundance: be spiritually, morally and materialistically well-off
  5. health: to fully cure from Graves’ Disease. I’m thankful to finally be in remission after 6 years , and I’m looking forward to fully recovering!

Oh crap, did I include too many details????? Whatever.