God is the Greatest !!!

So after overcoming a long and weary jet lag and a long and weary viral infection I went back to church today !!!!! It feels so amazing to re-connect with my fellow believers at H2O church, in Ann Arbor and in America.

Because the Rackham buidling is closed for holidays, we had our first service at the union. WOW SO MUCH SWAGGG AND FUN TO CATCH UP WITH ALL OF MY FRANDS.

Ok, I’m gonna shift my casual YOLOSWAG tone back to my formal tone now.

My pastor, Nino Guarisco, shared a very reflective statement with all of us this morning, and whether you are a believer, no matter how old you are, it is a statement for you to reflect on.

“The type of friends that you make and the level of priority you place on your relationship with Jesus Christ will determine the type of person you will become while at the University of Michigan (and at any place).”

I read somewhere that by just looking at the 5 closest friends that one has, any person can tell his future prospects. I have a lot to say on this, but because of privacy reasons, I’m not gonna share anything on this blog. I’m just gonna leave it here that if you choose to surround yourself with positivism, your whole life is going to be positive, while if you surround yourself with negativity, most of your life is going to be negative.

In the end, a huge “Thank You” to God for bringing together my fellow believers at H2O to worship under one roof!! It’s amazing to see your light shine upon us and shall we love one another forever !!! Thank you; thank you; thank you !!!


Last Service at Shanghai’s Moore Memorial Church

“Can I get a photo with you since this is my last service here…I’m returning to America soon…”

“HOW COME WE DIDN’T SELFIE YET? Of course of course. Where do you want to take the photo at?”

“At the plaque certified during 1879 A.D., during Emperor Guangxu’s regime.”

  • (;′⌒`)We attempted to selfie, but the photos didn’t turn out well, so

*puts on puppy eyes

“Miss, Miss, can you capture a photo for us, pleaseeeeee.”

*her eyes enlightened !!!!

“Awww yeah of course. Oh my god, It’s my first time seeing a pair of eyes as adorable as those of yours.”

“Awe, thank you !!! Yeah, a lot of people say that my eyes are beautiful; I got them done in South Korea last summer!”

“….Wait…Are you for real?”

“No, I’m just kidding…My whole family has huge-ass eyes LOL”

“Oh I was just gonna say…Your eyes appear super natural…”

“Wanna be our friend and exchange WeChat IDs? I’m leaving for college soon.”




  • A Hyuuuuge TY to you two lovely ladies for snapping this photo of us !!! It’s so great to attend church over the past 2.5 months with cute people like you guys!! Thanks for witnessing the Lord’s glory with us!! Shall God be in our hearts, forever and always <3