Love Your Life 30 Day Project (DAY 1)

This is something worthy of my time, so I signed up for this via the TUT site in early December, and now I see it really coming to play. S/O to Mike Dooley for creating his wonderful website:, to spread positive energy and motivation. God knew I needed some inspiration from this man, so he guided me to TUT over the summer.
For 30 days, I’ll post each day’s task on this blog to monitor my progress. As always, the task of the day’s will be in the featured image.

My 5 general areas for change:

  1. spirituality: always putting my foremost trust in God and always having time for him.
  2. love: ¬†Love encompasses treating this whole universe¬†with endless love, whether it is supernatural or family or relationship or friendship or nature. Loving my family, not getting bothered by my family’s past drama (which I’m improving every day on this,) always being there for Tyler and being his biggest supporter, treating my friends with kindness and respect and loving this Earth are all my priorities and goals for the next year.
  3. adventure: be more open to try out new things and learn from them
  4. abundance: be spiritually, morally and materialistically well-off
  5. health: to fully cure from Graves’ Disease. I’m thankful to finally be in remission after 6 years , and I’m looking forward to fully recovering!

Oh crap, did I include too many details????? Whatever.