Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 23)

15 things I am grateful for:

  1. God
  2. love
  3. life
  4. health
  5. family
  6. friends
  7. home (Shanghai and America)
  8. UofM
  9. ice-cream
  10. junk food
  11. high metabolism
  12. knowledge
  13. education
  14. kindness
  15. peace


5 things I will be grateful for:

  1. my own husband
  2. my own children
  3. my passion
  4. my wealth
  5. my degrees

Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 22)

20 things I love to do:

  1. attending church and serving God
  2. giving love to the world
  3. cuddling
  4. laughing
  5. eating (all kinds of food, every food)
  6. drinking (whether water, soda, juice, NRG drink, cocktail…)
  7. sleeping (whether naps or 8-hour sleeps)
  8. hanging out with friends
  9. exercising at the gym
  10. learning
  11. pleasure reading
  12. listening to music
  13. watching movies
  14. singing
  15. writing
  16. strolling
  17. travelling with a loved one
  18. dancing
  19. strolling around in warm weather
  20. being obsessed over adorable things

Love Your Life 30 Day Project (Day 2)

The first theme I’m choosing is to be spiritually empowered. I have witnessed God’s glory through out my life, at my worst and best times. I cannot wait to witness what God has in planfor me in the New Year !!!

The second¬†theme I am choosing is to love abundantly and receive back the amount of love that is just as abundant as the kind that I’m giving out. This is important to me because I want to fill up the world with love. Love is the most powerful and most infectious kind of force that can spread from person to person, person to nature, person to object … and vice versa. I intend to fill the whole world with love by starting to fill my world with love.

My third theme would be to be healthy! I’ve been having a chronic autoimmune illness for more than half a decade now. It’s a bummer, but I am thankful to have truly witness God from this journey and lived on; ¬†I am thankful that my health now is so much better than my health from 6 years ago. I couldn’t even walk before, and now I am able-bodied! I had super speedy metabolism and was constantly hungry before, and now I’m able to feel food in my body! I was always tired back then and would sleep for 12 hours per day, and now my restlessness is getting better. I know a healthy body is the most important key to keep my daily functions running besides my faith in Christ, and so I am seeking full recovery from Graves’ in the new year!