Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 20)

My future peers, pals, and buddies:

  1. Tyler Dence
  2. Kaili Dence
  3. Joanne Dence
  4. Leo Izen
  5. Sam
  6. Cece Zhou
  7. William Chen
  8. Edward Shi (Dad)
  9. Sherry Shi (auntie)
  10. Marshall Song (uncle-in-law)
  11. Junqi Shi (grandpa)
  12.  Qingyun (Justine) Song (cousin)
  13. Chenxi (Tracey) Song (cousin)

Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 19)

Loved ones who will benefit and be enriched from my success and happiness:

Name: Dad

Benefits: hehe, I will not annoy him as much.

Name: Tyler

Benefits: more affection ……… and not killing him ……..

Name: aunt

Benefits: more video chat frequency length

Name: grandpa

Benefits: more video chat frequency and length


Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 18)

How a day in my future life looks:

An ideal future day would entail waking up at 7:00 then having a delicious breakfast, then going to the bym with Tyler, then to work, then delicious lunch and dinner, then reading my great Chinese books, then sleep at 23:15. I want a puppy, too !!!!!!! and Cheesecake Factory Lifetime membership, and a Tyler who is alive !!!


Love Your Life 30 Day Project (Day 17)

My goals and dreams that have already manifested:

  1. baptism (yesss!!!)
  2. discipleship (YESSS!!!)
  3. love to myself
  4. thanksgiving toward all the individuals who have inspired me
  5. positive outlook on life ^o^
  6. enthusiasm
  7. daily morning exercise routine
  8. remission from Graves’ Disease !! (yeas thyroidddddd ^o^)
  9. Michigan (Go Blue)
  10. relationships (family, friends, bf) that last
  11. hardworking work ethic
  12. kindness to the world
  13. love to the world
  14. summer internship (yes yes yes yes)
  15. good food and sweet cravings (Tyler, don’t forget about the lifetime cheesecake factory membership that you promised me !!!)
  16. sharing my life with Tyler

Love Your Life 30 Day Project (Day 15)

To whom will I send love:

3 people I love:

  1. grandpa
  2.  dad
  3.  aunt

3 people who upset me:

  1. William Berger (thankful that he stopped cursing in class)
  2. I don’t really get upset … so nobody left …

3 people who I admire and are grateful for

  2. Cece (be going strong since 2003, bb)
  3. Tyler (I admire your kind heart, strong soul, hardworking work ethic, faithful dedication and much more. I’m so thankful to have you by my side, through thick and thin. )

Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 13)

Today’s (and Everyday’s) Random Acts of Kindness:

  • gave my roommate compliments (I do it daily, but it’s ok, it counts !)
  • smiling first when running into strangers (I do it daily, but it’s ok, it counts!)
  • told another Econ 251 GSI that even though the stereotypes toward math majors are negative, I know that math majors are actually as kind as everybody else, and they are amongst the smartest, most forgiving and most creative!!!
  • told my food that it’s awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • told Pastor Nino that he is awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 for leading H2O and putting together this D-group 🙂


Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 12)

For the celebration, I am going to write TY cards to the people who helped me. These people include my dad (thx for bearing my shit for 20 years, and now it’s on to Tyler #sorrynotsorry, but aren’t you happy,) Tyler (thx babe, for bringing out the best in me, I’m so proud of not killing you) my lecturers at the university (thx for broadening my knowledge spectrum and teaching me,) my friends here (Xavier, Akhila, Akira, Austin, Cody …) (thx for always being by my side,) my friends in Shanghai (thx for being with me since day 1! I love you all, and thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 9)

Beliefs that serve me in the areas I wish to transform:

  1. I believe that I am loved by God and his kingdom on Earth.
  2. I believe that I am abundant.
  3. I believe that I am intelligent.
  4. I believe that I am talented.
  5. I believe that I am healthy.
  6. I believe that I am friendly.
  7. I believe that I am spiritual.
  8. I believe that I am the best.
  9. I believe that I am hardworking.
  10. I believe that I am always hungry and foolish!

Love Your Life 30 Day Project (Day 8)

What old story have I been telling that isn’t serving me? How does this story make me feel?

In the past, when people asked me about my mother, I would evade the topic or simply tell them that my mom doesn’t want to raise me. This story made me feel unworthy and even worthless! I was kind of victimizing myself.

What new story will you begin telling? How does this story make you feel?

The new story that I began telling over the last few months (wow, this happened not far ago) was that even though my mother did not take part in my life after birth, I am still thankful for the fact that she gave me a life and that from her behaviors, I have learnt what not to do to my future kids. I have an especially loving father, grandparents and aunt and uncle and cousin who extremely and especially loves me. This story makes me feel loved.