Love Your Life 30 Day Project (Day 4)

My list of ways to showcase my inspiration includes writing diaries, forming a “goal collage,” listening to and singing beautiful songs, watching cute videos and so on. The one I just did was forming the goal collage.



The photo above is the collage that I just formed. Here are the significance of each photo, starting from the top left.

  1. Loving and being loved by Tyler.
  2. Loving and being loved by my grandpa.
  3. Loving and being loved by my dad.
  4. AHHHHH Loving and being loved by my #1 sister wife. From 2003 – 2017, we are going strong !!!!!!!!!!
  5. Loving and being loved by HKX. Again, it’s an honor to know you and your mother at the Shanghai Book Fair 2 years ago. I’m so glad that I’m still in deep connections with you !!!
  6. Caring for my neighbor, who is basically my son. I’ve known him since 2004.
  7. Loving and being loved by Shanghai.
  8. Loving and being loved by my cat.
  9. Loving and being loved by my God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2016/12/2 Baptism

Uhm, so I got baptized last night…It still feels surreal, but it really did happen ….. WOW!!!

Water and i don’t get along, so going into that huge baptismal was scary; the water was up my waist, and I was just thinking: HOW CAN I GET OUT OF HERE, the whole time ………….

When pastor Nino pushed, or “gently put,” as some would say, my head into water, I almost fought him …. Whoo…Thank God I didn’t !!!!! I don’t want to injure my pastor, but GOING INTO WATER WAS HORRIFYING OK, IT WAS SO DEEP WHAT IF I DROWN. i HAD BATHING SUIT UNDERNEATH BUT STILL !!!!!!!!!!!!

But in the end God made everything worth it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I’m  good so far.


You are Glorious !

Mhmm…so I know … I haven’t posted in a while…Calc 3 was stressing me out, and that was a part of my top priorities for the alst 2 weeks, but hey at least I’m done with it now, so yay !!

I had the fortune to attend Fall Retreat at Geneva Camp and returned back to Novi just now. Wow, this retreat was absolutely stunning !! 10/10 would do again if they have more food, jk, I would go again even if no food is provided. There is just something miraculous about seeing hundreds of people, whether old or young, submitting to the power of God’s. There is just something beautiful about seeing God coming to us, repenting our sins despite our sinful nature. There is just something adorable about being lent a sleeping bag when I forgot to bring bedding with me (eh…my clumsiness…..) There is just something sweet about getting waked up by my lovely sisters at camp (sorry for oversleeping and easily getting scared, but thanks for not waking me up in a frightening way !!)

I not only opened up to my pastor but to Jesus as well, and wow, there’s no better feeling than that !!!

God is glorious !! Our king is almighty !!!  img_6078 img_6079 img_6080

Intervarsity SWAG

Dear God and universe, thank you so much for bringing together the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship family at the diag this afternoon. I had the most amazing time connecting with and meeting new believers. It’s so amazing to see people from my high school to be at the stands handing out flyers. My faith in the Lord was strengthened and I’m so thankful to have volunteered at the stands to represent ICF. God is the greatest, and shall i meet and inspire more believers of Christ’s. Thank you; thank you; thank you !!!!

God is the Greatest !!!

So after overcoming a long and weary jet lag and a long and weary viral infection I went back to church today !!!!! It feels so amazing to re-connect with my fellow believers at H2O church, in Ann Arbor and in America.

Because the Rackham buidling is closed for holidays, we had our first service at the union. WOW SO MUCH SWAGGG AND FUN TO CATCH UP WITH ALL OF MY FRANDS.

Ok, I’m gonna shift my casual YOLOSWAG tone back to my formal tone now.

My pastor, Nino Guarisco, shared a very reflective statement with all of us this morning, and whether you are a believer, no matter how old you are, it is a statement for you to reflect on.

“The type of friends that you make and the level of priority you place on your relationship with Jesus Christ will determine the type of person you will become while at the University of Michigan (and at any place).”

I read somewhere that by just looking at the 5 closest friends that one has, any person can tell his future prospects. I have a lot to say on this, but because of privacy reasons, I’m not gonna share anything on this blog. I’m just gonna leave it here that if you choose to surround yourself with positivism, your whole life is going to be positive, while if you surround yourself with negativity, most of your life is going to be negative.

In the end, a huge “Thank You” to God for bringing together my fellow believers at H2O to worship under one roof!! It’s amazing to see your light shine upon us and shall we love one another forever !!! Thank you; thank you; thank you !!!