Love Your Life 30 Day Project (Day 5)

Before I visualize, I need to write down what I might see and feel.

What a typical day looks like:

I wake up at 6:30 thanking God for another day of life. I get excited just thinking about the joy and excitement that the day holds for me! I then send out ‘Good Morning’ messages to Tyler and my dad, wishing them a joyful day! After that I meet up with Tyler and go to the gym to run a 5 KM and workout with him! From exercising, I become more and more healthy! I shower after getting sweaty, then I put on pretty clothes and be pretty. After that I go back to have delicious meals, starting with a nutritious breakfast, then I go off to work to make pleasant money´╝î while having a tasty lunch!! After work, I come back home to make myself the best food ever !! Glory to my dad for teaching me cooking LOL! I chill until it’s time to sleep, and before I sleep, I write my diary and thank God for a fullfilling day !!!!

The feelings I will have: content, peace, love, spirit, happiness, excitement, faith

Love Your Life 30 Day Project (Day 4)

My list of ways to showcase my inspiration includes writing diaries, forming a “goal collage,” listening to and singing beautiful songs, watching cute videos and so on. The one I just did was forming the goal collage.



The photo above is the collage that I just formed. Here are the significance of each photo, starting from the top left.

  1. Loving and being loved by Tyler.
  2. Loving and being loved by my grandpa.
  3. Loving and being loved by my dad.
  4. AHHHHH Loving and being loved by my #1 sister wife. From 2003 – 2017, we are going strong !!!!!!!!!!
  5. Loving and being loved by HKX. Again, it’s an honor to know you and your mother at the Shanghai Book Fair 2 years ago. I’m so glad that I’m still in deep connections with you !!!
  6. Caring for my neighbor, who is basically my son. I’ve known him since 2004.
  7. Loving and being loved by Shanghai.
  8. Loving and being loved by my cat.
  9. Loving and being loved by my God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be Yourself

“Well, it’s your life. Why listen to others? If you are truly interested in linguistics and language learning, go ahead and do so. Listen to me, both the Japanese and Shanghainese language systems are truly similar as neither systems possess retroflex. Learning an extra language really helps with being a citizen of the world.”
” I know that, and I want to do that. But my dad is constantly bombarding me with his values. He is very controlling and wants me to do exactly as he oughts me to. I dislike people who are very controlling and that’s why we’ve gotten in quite a few fights, and the outcome has always been me submitting to his wishes.”
“You know, it’s you who will live your life., not your dad or any other person’s.”
“I said that to him, but he said since he’s the one paying my remaining tuition (aside from scholarship coverage,) I have to listen to him.”
“Well, I see how this can be very frustrating. If I were you, I would remain calm when conversing with him even though it’s hard. I would tell him that I know all the benefits and drawbacks associated with my choice of major, and that I believe I can take the drawbacks.”
“…he’s a very difficult person though…”
“Well, if he threatens to halt your education, just ask him if he would be willing to raise you for the rest of your life. Your future should only be in your hands. Learning anything is useful as long as you are willing to put in the work to really know that skill.”


On the Plane


“My husband spent 8 years waiting for me. I met him while working in America after I finished my masters in my earlier years. It wasn’t really a good time since I didn’t have American residency and that my family was against me dating a white guy (they wanted her to date and marry Chinese) back then. But my husband was persistent. I had to go back to China during my period of job vacancy after my first internship had ended. I’ll be honest with you, normal people would just breakup if that’s the case., but he didn’t. For 8 years, he would fly to China, 2 to 3 times per year, just to see me. Eventually his persistence moved my family, and that’s how we wedded.”

“In your opinion, what’s the most important factor that kept your relationship going when you guys were split up for that long ?”

“Understanding. I have understood his love, and he has done the same.”