Happy 20th 🌚

To whoever following my blog (it’s ok even if there is nobody LOL),

It’s now August 22 in both Shanghai and S. Carolina, and yes this date is special, in fact, extremely special, and I’m dedicating this blog to the person that honors my August 22. I’m not quite sure if this person follows my blog LOL, but here we go ~~~~

8.22 is unique special it is the birthday of the owner of tyzoid’s, my supporter’s, my middle-aged man’s 🌚, and my boyfriend’s. And if you have seeable eyes, you can probably tell that Shanghairen is linked under tyzoid, and I’m giving him the credits !!

Wow, and how amazing is it that he’s turning 20 in 2016, which also can mean that he’s heading toward the age of 30 🌚, and I’m not quite sure about western culture, but 30 is considered the beginning of one’s  middle-age in the East, so hey Tyler’s heading toward his middle age, the start of it at least.

Actually he’s more than my boyfriend. From my video gaming opponent to my late-night-food-run partner to my taco-loving-buddy to pizza-loving buddy to ice-cream craving buddy to my essay reviser to my electronic repairer to my pep-talker to my  supporter to my role model (ok fine I’ll admit I secretly look up to him in many aspects) and to my boyfriend to my fellow follower of Christ to my junk-food-craving soulmate to my wound healer to my music lover to my DJ to my magician to my smartie to my hero, he has perfectly fulfilled each one of these roles. Of course, I am never stingy in letting him know of every bit of gratitude I have for him because I know God has brought me to this Earth to appreciate !!

Maybe I’ve said statements like “How lucky I am to have met you” or “I’m so lucky to have been with you” to him but I think we both know from our hearts that nothing in this world is due to luck. God has put us in the life of each other’s for a purpose…In a way, it is fate that we are together.

I believe in the power of “us,” “we” “our” and “together,” and I think this is where Tyler’s magic came from as well !!  We are very strong, so powerful, such formidable WoooOW.

Today is his 20th, and I wish him the largest pieces of cheesecake and pizza in this world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!