Last Service at Shanghai’s Moore Memorial Church

“Can I get a photo with you since this is my last service here…I’m returning to America soon…”

“HOW COME WE DIDN’T SELFIE YET? Of course of course. Where do you want to take the photo at?”

“At the plaque certified during 1879 A.D., during Emperor Guangxu’s regime.”

  • (;′⌒`)We attempted to selfie, but the photos didn’t turn out well, so

*puts on puppy eyes

“Miss, Miss, can you capture a photo for us, pleaseeeeee.”

*her eyes enlightened !!!!

“Awww yeah of course. Oh my god, It’s my first time seeing a pair of eyes as adorable as those of yours.”

“Awe, thank you !!! Yeah, a lot of people say that my eyes are beautiful; I got them done in South Korea last summer!”

“….Wait…Are you for real?”

“No, I’m just kidding…My whole family has huge-ass eyes LOL”

“Oh I was just gonna say…Your eyes appear super natural…”

“Wanna be our friend and exchange WeChat IDs? I’m leaving for college soon.”




  • A Hyuuuuge TY to you two lovely ladies for snapping this photo of us !!! It’s so great to attend church over the past 2.5 months with cute people like you guys!! Thanks for witnessing the Lord’s glory with us!! Shall God be in our hearts, forever and always <3