30 Days of Gratitude Challenge (Day 4)

Today I am so thankful because

  1. A family friend took me out to Panera to have a vegetarian lunch, and I, surprisingly did not hate it. She also unintentionally strengthened my faith in Christ. I will paraphrase her testimony. This lady used to have hyperthyroidism, which is the condition that I currently have, for about 10 years or so. She had to be on high-dosages of methimazole. During a year, while she traveled back home to Taiwan, she found out that she neglected to bring enough pills. She went to her first service at church the same day and felt as if it is the heavenly Father’s call for her to be off medicine, so she stopped taking the methimazole tablets. When she returned to the U.S. and got her routine blood work checked, she found out that all her hormones are suddenly in balance and everything is fine! Her American doctor asked her what she did, but she said she merely followed the doctor’s remedy and took prescribed pills…The doctor then told her that there is no way that the pills alone could have cured her, she must have done something else…                             This testimony is telling me that I shall not panic over the state of my health, since the Father has everything under control. I simply need to let Go and let God. YAY to Lord Jesus !!!!!!!
  2. I was so productive after our lunch ended at 2 and did 4 more hours of homework again. I feel SO productive !!!!

Love Your Life 30 Day Project (Day 5)

Before I visualize, I need to write down what I might see and feel.

What a typical day looks like:

I wake up at 6:30 thanking God for another day of life. I get excited just thinking about the joy and excitement that the day holds for me! I then send out ‘Good Morning’ messages to Tyler and my dad, wishing them a joyful day! After that I meet up with Tyler and go to the gym to run a 5 KM and workout with him! From exercising, I become more and more healthy! I shower after getting sweaty, then I put on pretty clothes and be pretty. After that I go back to have delicious meals, starting with a nutritious breakfast, then I go off to work to make pleasant money, while having a tasty lunch!! After work, I come back home to make myself the best food ever !! Glory to my dad for teaching me cooking LOL! I chill until it’s time to sleep, and before I sleep, I write my diary and thank God for a fullfilling day !!!!

The feelings I will have: content, peace, love, spirit, happiness, excitement, faith

Love Your Life 30 Day Project (Day 4)

My list of ways to showcase my inspiration includes writing diaries, forming a “goal collage,” listening to and singing beautiful songs, watching cute videos and so on. The one I just did was forming the goal collage.



The photo above is the collage that I just formed. Here are the significance of each photo, starting from the top left.

  1. Loving and being loved by Tyler.
  2. Loving and being loved by my grandpa.
  3. Loving and being loved by my dad.
  4. AHHHHH Loving and being loved by my #1 sister wife. From 2003 – 2017, we are going strong !!!!!!!!!!
  5. Loving and being loved by HKX. Again, it’s an honor to know you and your mother at the Shanghai Book Fair 2 years ago. I’m so glad that I’m still in deep connections with you !!!
  6. Caring for my neighbor, who is basically my son. I’ve known him since 2004.
  7. Loving and being loved by Shanghai.
  8. Loving and being loved by my cat.
  9. Loving and being loved by my God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baptism Cont’d

Ok, so the night before my baptism, I was on the phone with my pastor for A LONG WHILE, and I did prepare a thoroughly thought baptism speech…

But …. I was so frightened on the night of my baptism (I’m scared of H2O, pools, lakes, oceans etc.) that I blanked out.

Ah, here is my planned baptism speech ……..

“I came to faith in the November of 2011. That was my freshman year of high school…I have to be honest with ya, the process of coming to faith was not easy; it was actually extremely painful …. At that time I was on a white hospital bed in the ER at UofM’S C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, not knowing whether I will make it past midnight…The CT scans showed dark spots in my brain, and my heart rate was abnormally high, and aside from that, I COULDN’T EVEN WALK….I thought to myself: Oh, what a pity for my life to end in such way … I was doing just fine 1.5 weeks ago … and now I am not even able-bodied……. A flash came to my mind 1 second later that my best friend, Lydia, is a devoted Christian….She told me that God answers all prayers……So, uncertain about whether I’ll die in the next second, I prayed to God for the first time, asking him to grant me a life, if he really exists and can hear me ….And, here I am, living gracefully under God’s glory. Although Lydia couldn’t make it to here today because she’s all tied up with her busy schedule, I still want to dedicate my gratitude to her and thank her for being God’s messenger to me.”

Here is my full baptism video, the courtesy of Tyler’s ! I’m extremely terrified of water, but I did it for God, and I’m proud.


Thanks to Pastor Nino for comforting me and baptizing me even when I was contemplating 3000000 ways to fight him!!

Trigger Warning

So I visited NHS yesterday after school, and needless to say, it was amazing to re-connect with teachers and friends .. Something i wasn’t expecting happened also happened …. To sum it up, I wasn’t given a trigger warning before my most painful memory of high school was brought up by my teacher … No it wasn’t a shady thing; No, nothing was dark or immoral … If you didn’t know me in my high school freshmen year, then you don’t know about this ……. … So … I am writing about this experience ….because I know if I face it and let it out, I’ll be able to grow … That’s what God has been saying to me …… So here we go …

In the Thanksgiving of 2011, which is the fall of my high school freshmen year … I got really ill …. like super ill … Actually ‘ill’ is an understatement … I was dying … My heart rate was at 119: a number that I will never forget … There were dark spots from my fMRI scan …. Doctors at St. John said, “Well … We aren’t sure if this is cancer …. Our equipment is outdated, so you are to be given a chance to be transferred to either UofM’s hospital or the Detroit Medical Center ……” My dad, without hesitation, claimed a spot at C.S. Mott Children’s hospital …. and that was my first experience with the university I currently attend…..I first encountered the University of Michigan through being a patient and dying at its children’s hospital …. like seriously, this is still the biggest “what the fuck” moment in my life so far …

When my high school Japanese teacher told me that her initial impression of me was that of cuteness and fragility…When the high school Spanish teacher, whom I never had as a teacher, still remembers both my face and name from helping my Japanese teacher wheel me into the elevator in 9th grade …… when my Japanese teacher proudly formally introduced me to her …. When she said they’ve been talking about me throughout these years … A lot of memories, good and bad, ugly and pretty, rushed into me …….

So I’m gonna start with the ugly to get it over with the fastest …. A lot of bullies from high school …. These jerky boys who had nothing to do were bothering the hell out of me … They questioned the truthfulness of my illness and was spreading rumors that I am able to walk but is just choosing to stay on a wheelchair to get attention …. I got really indignant over those comments because back then, I cared about the wrong stuff .. I cared about other people’s shitty comments toward me … It wasn’t until knowing God had I known that nobody’s comments matters besides mine, so hallelujah for that !! Needless to say, not being able to walk was painful, too … Having to be in a wheelchair and get pushed around actually made me less human-like; I felt like a tool instead of a human-being …….

Butttt, there are bads and goods to everything, so I’m gonna move on to the good things !! The harsh comments from the bullies actually motivated me to practice walking, and in 2 weeks I was out of the wheelchair !!! Woah !!! What a miracle !!!! It was near the Christmas break of my high school freshman year, and by then, i was able to walk, although very shakily !! I was so freaking gosh darn proud of myself !!!! Another one of the good things is that a lot of people around me, including my Japanese teacher: Mrs. Rosen, the Spanish teacher that I never had as an instructor: Ms. Schaefer and every faculty and staff at Novi, aided me in not only getting around but cared for my mental issues as well ….. The most important lesson though, is God’s love. It was on the hospital bed of C.S. Mott’s had I prayed to God for the first time … At that time I wasn’t a believer, so I did it with the mentality of: I don’t know if God is real; I don’t think I believe in him, but since it seems that I’m about to die, why not give it a try ??? I prayed on my hospital bed, “Dear God, if you really exist, hear me out …. I want to live …. If that wish can be made possible, I’ll use the rest of my life to honor you…”

The end of the story is: I lived on, and I am praying on. Hallelujah Jesus is the best !!!!!!!!

Love God, Love Life

Today was a beautiful day,not just because it’s a Sunday but because it really was a SUNday. The sun came out after many days of sun, and that I was shiny as well ☀☀☀. Today is lovely not just because of the weekly 11:11 service but also because I participated, for the first, time in Life Chain: a pro-life movement. I understand that my face is beautiful, but the images of babies are wayyyyy more pretty!! I held up a “every life matters” sign for the whole afternoon, and every single moment was worth it. Even though I and the rest of the pro-lifers got a plenty of middle fingers and “fuck you”s roared at us, the amount of love and adoration we received surpassed the hatred !!! I prayed for the haters and gave them A LOT of love!! All of the life chainers today knew and understand that one’s stance on abortion varies with individuals, and we respect that. We didn’t tell anyone “Oh my god. You are disgusting for killing babies,” but merely spread love by holding up signs and giving thumbs up to the cars passing by !! It’s so worth it to be loving life in this way !!!!! God is amazing !! Live is amazing !!img_6011

God is the Greatest !!!

So after overcoming a long and weary jet lag and a long and weary viral infection I went back to church today !!!!! It feels so amazing to re-connect with my fellow believers at H2O church, in Ann Arbor and in America.

Because the Rackham buidling is closed for holidays, we had our first service at the union. WOW SO MUCH SWAGGG AND FUN TO CATCH UP WITH ALL OF MY FRANDS.

Ok, I’m gonna shift my casual YOLOSWAG tone back to my formal tone now.

My pastor, Nino Guarisco, shared a very reflective statement with all of us this morning, and whether you are a believer, no matter how old you are, it is a statement for you to reflect on.

“The type of friends that you make and the level of priority you place on your relationship with Jesus Christ will determine the type of person you will become while at the University of Michigan (and at any place).”

I read somewhere that by just looking at the 5 closest friends that one has, any person can tell his future prospects. I have a lot to say on this, but because of privacy reasons, I’m not gonna share anything on this blog. I’m just gonna leave it here that if you choose to surround yourself with positivism, your whole life is going to be positive, while if you surround yourself with negativity, most of your life is going to be negative.

In the end, a huge “Thank You” to God for bringing together my fellow believers at H2O to worship under one roof!! It’s amazing to see your light shine upon us and shall we love one another forever !!! Thank you; thank you; thank you !!!


Last Service at Shanghai’s Moore Memorial Church

“Can I get a photo with you since this is my last service here…I’m returning to America soon…”

“HOW COME WE DIDN’T SELFIE YET? Of course of course. Where do you want to take the photo at?”

“At the plaque certified during 1879 A.D., during Emperor Guangxu’s regime.”

  • (;′⌒`)We attempted to selfie, but the photos didn’t turn out well, so

*puts on puppy eyes

“Miss, Miss, can you capture a photo for us, pleaseeeeee.”

*her eyes enlightened !!!!

“Awww yeah of course. Oh my god, It’s my first time seeing a pair of eyes as adorable as those of yours.”

“Awe, thank you !!! Yeah, a lot of people say that my eyes are beautiful; I got them done in South Korea last summer!”

“….Wait…Are you for real?”

“No, I’m just kidding…My whole family has huge-ass eyes LOL”

“Oh I was just gonna say…Your eyes appear super natural…”

“Wanna be our friend and exchange WeChat IDs? I’m leaving for college soon.”




  • A Hyuuuuge TY to you two lovely ladies for snapping this photo of us !!! It’s so great to attend church over the past 2.5 months with cute people like you guys!! Thanks for witnessing the Lord’s glory with us!! Shall God be in our hearts, forever and always <3

Know God, know life; no God, no life.

“Well, I don’t consider myself a good Christian since I’m still doubtful.”

“May I ask you why you’re here then?”

“My mom is the reason. She is the only one in my household who believes in God while the rest of my family is against the idea of Christianity. All my other relatives considered Christianity a kind of cult because it is western. My dad had even threatened to divorce my mother and almost did that. Regardless, my mother still took me to church with her and had me baptized at a very young age. At the time of my baptism, I didn’t believe in God. It wasn’t until my mother had gotten sick had I ‘kinda’ felt God’s presence. She caught a rare illness and even the doctors have told my dad that her chances of living is very slim. Just as everyone is about to give up, I made the decision to inform the church my mother was attending at the moment. I was thinking: at least she would be pleased if her fellow believers have blessed her to heaven. The priest and his disciples followed my wish to come see her for the last time and prayed sincerely around her bed. Then magic happened. She got off her bed the next morning and insisted that she was fine. The medical staff did a checkup on her and proved her well-being.”

“Wow, God really did work his magic on your mom. This may be abrupt, but can I ask you why you’re still skeptical?”

“The lord did work his power on you and my mother, but … I don’t think I have experienced such drastic changes like the both of you … I still don’t consider myself fully and truly godly at this moment. I want to get more information with regards to God, and that’s why I’m attending this church after my job moved me to Shanghai. Hopefully after I become more informed I’ll get baptized again, with God in my heart and fully offer my soul and body to heaven.”
“Just know that even if you don’t solider yourself faithful to the lord, Christ is with you already, and that’s why you’re here at this Church. At least that’s what I am thinking”
Thank you, my lovely friend, for buying me a copy of the bible in Chinese. It’s the most understandable version I have yet to see.”