* My feet got ran over by a motorcyclist at a 5-way cross-walk around this area. As a result, I fell. I checked over myself to ensure I’m not, in any way, bleeding; after that I let go of the cyclist.
* I was stopped by some more pedestrians as I walked on.
“Why did you let him go?”
“Yeah, he ran over you(r foot); we all saw it.”
“Didn’t I go over the time and end up jaywalking though? Plus he didn’t pose any serious injury to me…”
“But you fell down! We were just about to call the police.”
“Yeah, you could’ve asked for compensation fee, possibly a large amount since he’s an expat (there is heavy discrimination posed by the local Shanghainese people toward expats.)
“He was the one who attempted to rush ahead of the traffic light. You still had 3 seconds left to cross. You were NOT jaywalking. ”
“Guys, I could tell from his accent that he’s non-local. He looks about 55, and since he’s still working as a delivery man at this age, I know he lives a hard life already…There’s no way for me to take such “despicable” money in the first place and plus, he probably really needs the money to support his family.”
“You’re too nice, but you know that most people here don’t follow traffic laws, right ?”
“(•̀へ•́╮)…now I know…”
To people of Shanghai or people of China or people of the WORLD in general: PLEASE follow traffic rules even when neither your local government nor the nation cares. Today I got lucky. If that motorbike had gone any faster, I would’ve lost my leg. Let’s make the streets safer. I don’t want anymore bruises on myself or on my phone screen.