Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 12)

For the celebration, I am going to write TY cards to the people who helped me. These people include my dad (thx for bearing my shit for 20 years, and now it’s on to Tyler #sorrynotsorry, but aren’t you happy,) Tyler (thx babe, for bringing out the best in me, I’m so proud of not killing you) my lecturers at the university (thx for broadening my knowledge spectrum and teaching me,) my friends here (Xavier, Akhila, Akira, Austin, Cody …) (thx for always being by my side,) my friends in Shanghai (thx for being with me since day 1! I love you all, and thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are Glorious !

Mhmm…so I know … I haven’t posted in a while…Calc 3 was stressing me out, and that was a part of my top priorities for the alst 2 weeks, but hey at least I’m done with it now, so yay !!

I had the fortune to attend Fall Retreat at Geneva Camp and returned back to Novi just now. Wow, this retreat was absolutely stunning !! 10/10 would do again if they have more food, jk, I would go again even if no food is provided. There is just something miraculous about seeing hundreds of people, whether old or young, submitting to the power of God’s. There is just something beautiful about seeing God coming to us, repenting our sins despite our sinful nature. There is just something adorable about being lent a sleeping bag when I forgot to bring bedding with me (eh…my clumsiness…..) There is just something sweet about getting waked up by my lovely sisters at camp (sorry for oversleeping and easily getting scared, but thanks for not waking me up in a frightening way !!)

I not only opened up to my pastor but to Jesus as well, and wow, there’s no better feeling than that !!!

God is glorious !! Our king is almighty !!!  img_6078 img_6079 img_6080

Intervarsity SWAG

Dear God and universe, thank you so much for bringing together the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship family at the diag this afternoon. I had the most amazing time connecting with and meeting new believers. It’s so amazing to see people from my high school to be at the stands handing out flyers. My faith in the Lord was strengthened and I’m so thankful to have volunteered at the stands to represent ICF. God is the greatest, and shall i meet and inspire more believers of Christ’s. Thank you; thank you; thank you !!!!

I don’t like water parks, water slides, water, H2O, Bye

“You should try the water slide in the park.”
“No. I don’t like water. I don’t know swimming.”
“But barely any swimming is involved..Since you won free tickets to Slide the City, you should know it’s an event on water, correct?”
“……Well……I thought by “Slide the City,” the name implies sliding via skateboarding … I didn’t bother to look up the event anyway… I merely won 2 tickets from @ThatsShanghai by luck, you can play, and I’ll just chill.”
“Try the water slide with me!!”

Food and Reunion and More Food

“Wait I forgot you are that extremely famous, thin girl who is the food champion of our grade ….”
“I thought you guys already know about my unlimited appetite…”
“How did you not gain the calories, or even mass, of the food you have eaten ……..”

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