30 Days of Gratitude Challenge (Day 4)

Today I am so thankful because

  1. A family friend took me out to Panera to have a vegetarian lunch, and I, surprisingly did not hate it. She also unintentionally strengthened my faith in Christ. I will paraphrase her testimony. This lady used to have hyperthyroidism, which is the condition that I currently have, for about 10 years or so. She had to be on high-dosages of methimazole. During a year, while she traveled back home to Taiwan, she found out that she neglected to bring enough pills. She went to her first service at church the same day and felt as if it is the heavenly Father’s call for her to be off medicine, so she stopped taking the methimazole tablets. When she returned to the U.S. and got her routine blood work checked, she found out that all her hormones are suddenly in balance and everything is fine! Her American doctor asked her what she did, but she said she merely followed the doctor’s remedy and took prescribed pills…The doctor then told her that there is no way that the pills alone could have cured her, she must have done something else…                             This testimony is telling me that I shall not panic over the state of my health, since the Father has everything under control. I simply need to let Go and let God. YAY to Lord Jesus !!!!!!!
  2. I was so productive after our lunch ended at 2 and did 4 more hours of homework again. I feel SO productive !!!!

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge (Day 2)

I feel SOOOOOOOOOOO BLESSED today because


  1. found a super cheap and most importantly, safe, single to sign for the next school year !!!!! Praise Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ran into a whole herd of cute, fat and wild squirrels on the diag, and my heart melted !!!!!!!!!
  3. Having the opportunity to take part in the translation of a more understandable Mandarin bible !!!! I’ll be the proofreader !!!!!IMG_0128 IMG_0129 IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0132 3.  IMG_0133

Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 28)

Because of laziness, I’ll just use a highly personal letter that I’ve written, first in April of 2016, then revised in May of last year, to do this project. It is called “TY letter to God” because without God, I would not be the person that I am today.

Dear God Here are the things (I can name off top of my head) that I’m thankful that you have given me.

1. Life. I’m thankful that you blessed me to become a human on this Earth. My mom gave birth to me on June 2 of 1997, and I am thankful for your gift of life.

2. Spirituality. I am so glad to have found you and turned to you for a savior.

3. Love. Thank you for granting me all forms of love.

4. Upbringing. If not a rough upbringing, I would have taken every single relationship in my life for granted.

5. Family. I’m thankful that you blessed me with members of my family. If not my grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncles, dad and mom, how could I have lived up to this day?! If not a bipolar but loving dad, if not an indifferent but wealthy and loving? mother, if not family members who don’t necessarily know how to be family members, how could I have come to know whom not to be?! How could I have come to know what not to be?!

6. Race. I’m actually thankful to be a part of the Asian minority group. If I was white, how the heck would I be able to empathize with or even think about social justice?!

7. Language Background. I’m thankful that I was raised in a bilingual environment. It is extremely useful to know >= 2 languages, and I’m so glad that my most proficient ones are Chinese and English. I know that knowing both languages will open endless doors of opportunities for me.

8. Environmental Background. I’m so glad to have been raised in both Shanghai and America. I have absorbed the essence of both places and strive to become a better person as each day goes by. I know both the Chinese and American parts of me will come into play one day, and all that will bring me is benefits.

9. Friendships. I’m thankful, for I have come to acquaint and befriend many people of various backgrounds. There is so much to learn from each person, and I am growing as each day passes by.

10. Mental Health. I am gratified that I have gone through many psychological challenges, whether depression or anxiety. Having been a victim of depression and being a sufferer of anxiety have taught me to treasure my life.

11. Physical Health. I am so glad I had bone through the ICU experience, 180 bpm heart rate, the brain damage and Graves’ Disease. Those illnesses, in a way, is partially due to my lack of care for myself. I now striving to eat a balanced diet, to exercise regularly and to be well rested. I aim to be healthy. 12.

Education. I am thankful, for I have successfully completed high school and now attend one of the most prestigious schools- the University of Michigan – in the world. How lucky am I to have been admitted to the LSA Honors program?! How thankful I am for what you had in store for me?! With formal education, I can have a pleasant career to support both my goals and my financial well-being.

13. Relationships: I’m thankful that you have set Tyler to be a part of my life. Before meeting, knowing and liking him, I was, quite frankly, scared of relationships and all that boyfriend girlfriend, “love” stuff, but somehow, I came to an agreement to be dating him. This is a major step forward for me. Tyler is a faithful believer of yours, and I have already learnt and grown so much from the very first day of our acquaintance. I’m scared of the future but can visualize one with him?! Wow, that’s a first. I know, for sure, he’ll teach me how to love. Thanks for putting Tyler in my life. I want to keep him, and I will do so.

** The older version that I first drafted said something along the lines of “I’m so thankful to have met and known a wonderful guy like Tyler. Although i certainly have feelings for him, I am not desperate over his attention. Even if he is meant to be merely a friend, he makes a great friend. Thank you so much for Tyler and the joy he has brought to me, i hope to keep him and I hopefully will!
Dear God, I love your unconditional and endless and ongoing love, and I hope to give that kind of love to everyone, whether he/she appreciates it or not.

Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 27)

I rock for keeping Christ 1st.

I rock for finishing my 2nd year at the University of Michigan.

I rock for going through s much shit and am still thriving.

I rock for having lifelong besties of all ages in both Shanghai and the U.S..

I rock for being fluent in Chinese and English.

I rock for always being the person that I am.

I rock for keeping a boyfriend alive for the 1st time for over a year.

I rock for keeping myself alive and sane for 20 years.

Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 26)

Today I want to manifest:

love for Christ


A smile from a stranger


Things I can do to increase the chances of it happening: (while leaving room for magic from the universe):

watching Zion’s live stream

being fulfilled at the moment

going out with a smile on my face

Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 24)

Dear Wenyu,

As one of your best friends since elementary school, I have always looked up to you. Yes, you did not read wrongfully. I really did look up to you.

You’ve gone through so much more than most people, in fact, so much more than I will ever bear yet you never got defeated by the trauma that you have experienced, and you only got stronger as a result.

Even though you have felt weak and worthless at bad times, you are actually a tough fighter who is always fighter on the front line, for not just yourself, but others as well.

Whether it is giving me college recommendations or running Novi Chemistry Society, you have always been contributing to those surrounding you. And I admire your strength and strong willingness to live your life to its fullest potential.

You didn’t know this, but yes, you were the one who helped me during my roughest times of college application. So much shit happened, and I was on the verge of giving up, but as soon as I thought of you. The thought of: If Wenyu could do it, why couldn’t I came to mind, and I persisted and got to the Univesity of Sydney.

I love you and am honored to be your close friend. O(∩_∩)O~~

Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 23)

15 things I am grateful for:

  1. God
  2. love
  3. life
  4. health
  5. family
  6. friends
  7. home (Shanghai and America)
  8. UofM
  9. ice-cream
  10. junk food
  11. high metabolism
  12. knowledge
  13. education
  14. kindness
  15. peace


5 things I will be grateful for:

  1. my own husband
  2. my own children
  3. my passion
  4. my wealth
  5. my degrees

Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 22)

20 things I love to do:

  1. attending church and serving God
  2. giving love to the world
  3. cuddling
  4. laughing
  5. eating (all kinds of food, every food)
  6. drinking (whether water, soda, juice, NRG drink, cocktail…)
  7. sleeping (whether naps or 8-hour sleeps)
  8. hanging out with friends
  9. exercising at the gym
  10. learning
  11. pleasure reading
  12. listening to music
  13. watching movies
  14. singing
  15. writing
  16. strolling
  17. travelling with a loved one
  18. dancing
  19. strolling around in warm weather
  20. being obsessed over adorable things

Love Your Life 30 Day Challenge (Day 20)

My future peers, pals, and buddies:

  1. Tyler Dence
  2. Kaili Dence
  3. Joanne Dence
  4. Leo Izen
  5. Sam
  6. Cece Zhou
  7. William Chen
  8. Edward Shi (Dad)
  9. Sherry Shi (auntie)
  10. Marshall Song (uncle-in-law)
  11. Junqi Shi (grandpa)
  12.  Qingyun (Justine) Song (cousin)
  13. Chenxi (Tracey) Song (cousin)