[Book Review] Blackbirds

I can only describe Chuck Wendig’s Blackbirds with the following words: 

  1. freaky
  2. scary
  3. loving
  4. exciting
  5. suspenseful

I know these terms pose rather sharp juxtapositions with one another, but … This only points to one truth: this book is worth a read.

Is there a horror film made off the book yet ?????

[Book Review] “The Ferryman” (I know I’m supposed to italicize it, but I don’t know how)

“I exist because you need me”

The Ferryman by Claire McFall is the first book, in a long while, that gave me a rush of blood to the heart. I finished reading this in the shortest period of time, and damn, every single page I had gone through made it worth it.

I read the Chinese translation because English is just too basic.

Lessons that can be learnt from this book include, but are not limited to:

  1. I create my own reality. 
  2. Love resolves all. 
  3. One has to give out love in order to attract love. 

Because of the background of my family and many more “awkward” circumstances “love” was once, deemed by me, a word so cliche and overused before I finished The Ferryman. 

i now know that “love” is neither my sweet words nor my cute face, it is my actions. Love must not be said but done. I now know how to better love myself, my family, my boyfriend (Sorry, Tyler, saying or even typing ‘ily’ is still hard, but I will say it when the timing is right   I’ve promised to show you love via my actions~

Let me re-iterate for the 1000000th time,  I thank YOU for this website, support and kindness! You rock. It’s amazing to find you, acquant you, know you, befriend you and boyfriend you.

You exist (in my world) because I need you, and I exist (in your world) because you need me.

Thanks for being my superhero  ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

Thanks for being there.

I thank you for uplifting not only my mind but my soul.

May God bless us ~ ❤


Disclaimer: Albeit being a sophomore student at the University of Michigan, I still dislike reading English literature, especially the super thick books, so i read the Mandarin translation of this book.