30 Days of Gratitude Challenge (Day 4)

Today I am so thankful because

  1. A family friend took me out to Panera to have a vegetarian lunch, and I, surprisingly did not hate it. She also unintentionally strengthened my faith in Christ. I will paraphrase her testimony. This lady used to have hyperthyroidism, which is the condition that I currently have, for about 10 years or so. She had to be on high-dosages of methimazole. During a year, while she traveled back home to Taiwan, she found out that she neglected to bring enough pills. She went to her first service at church the same day and felt as if it is the heavenly Father’s call for her to be off medicine, so she stopped taking the methimazole tablets. When she returned to the U.S. and got her routine blood work checked, she found out that all her hormones are suddenly in balance and everything is fine! Her American doctor asked her what she did, but she said she merely followed the doctor’s remedy and took prescribed pills…The doctor then told her that there is no way that the pills alone could have cured her, she must have done something else…                             This testimony is telling me that I shall not panic over the state of my health, since the Father has everything under control. I simply need to let Go and let God. YAY to Lord Jesus !!!!!!!
  2. I was so productive after our lunch ended at 2 and did 4 more hours of homework again. I feel SO productive !!!!

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge (Day 3)

Well, today I’m thankful to have had the experience of gambling with my professor as an in-class demo. Even though the odds were not in my favor, so I ended up losing all my cash to him, the experience was still a hella exciting and fun one.

P.S. He didn’t take my coins. Dude’s just perfect with hand tricks, so he sneakingly hid my coins near my stuff.

I am so thankful to have seen the fun side of my professor. LOL.

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge (Day 2)

I feel SOOOOOOOOOOO BLESSED today because


  1. found a super cheap and most importantly, safe, single to sign for the next school year !!!!! Praise Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ran into a whole herd of cute, fat and wild squirrels on the diag, and my heart melted !!!!!!!!!
  3. Having the opportunity to take part in the translation of a more understandable Mandarin bible !!!! I’ll be the proofreader !!!!!IMG_0128 IMG_0129 IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0132 3.  IMG_0133

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge (Day 1)

This is a new 30-day challenge that I found for myself, and I’m starting on 2018/1/1.


Today I’m thankful for Adam and Brian because they are two little bundles of joy that light me up each day, and though it’s difficult leaving them, at least I have their favorite pillow pets (in which they gave me) to dote on.