Ok, so I thought yesterday was the 24th, so I accidentally wished you a HBD near last midnight LOL.


Wow, you are 20 now, and so am I. Anddddd we’ve known each other for 13+ years. That is extremely impressive, considering the fact that I am bad with names and faces.

Our chat record from last night was SUPERB.

I was like: You may thought that nobody cared, but I have always remembered your birthday, and I want to wish you a HBD 30 minutes before the 24th passes (even though it was the 23rd.) It’s Thanksgiving, so I also want to be thankful to you because that’s what people do, and I’m thankful for our 13 th year of friendship this far. Thanks so much for being my upstairs neighbor in Shanghai and now transcontinental neighbor in Canada at Mississauga.

You were like: OMG, TY, YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL*&^%*$%$$&$^% Wow 13 years of friendship?! Darn, that’s longggg.

I was like: HAHA, not really, anyway, I got back from Thanksgiving celebration at my boyfriend’s and has an absolute lovely time there with his family.

You were like: AHHH, What state are you  guys on right now?

I was like:  What do you mean by ‘state’ ?! As in state of matter?! Well then solid!!! Every living person is a solid, and a human cannot liquefy or turn gaseous. That’s the answer……right?!

You were like: LMAO I’ll give you an 101/100 for this answer 🙂


I would like to wish you an official happy birthday an hour before your birthday, and really, I am thankful to have you  as an upstairs neighbor in the 6 years that I was schooled in Shanghai. Have the best day ever!!!