Baptism Cont’d

Ok, so the night before my baptism, I was on the phone with my pastor for A LONG WHILE, and I did prepare a thoroughly thought baptism speech…

But …. I was so frightened on the night of my baptism (I’m scared of H2O, pools, lakes, oceans etc.) that I blanked out.

Ah, here is my planned baptism speech ……..

“I came to faith in the November of 2011. That was my freshman year of high school…I have to be honest with ya, the process of coming to faith was not easy; it was actually extremely painful …. At that time I was on a white hospital bed in the ER at UofM’S C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, not knowing whether I will make it past midnight…The CT scans showed dark spots in my brain, and my heart rate was abnormally high, and aside from that, I COULDN’T EVEN WALK….I thought to myself: Oh, what a pity for my life to end in such way … I was doing just fine 1.5 weeks ago … and now I am not even able-bodied……. A flash came to my mind 1 second later that my best friend, Lydia, is a devoted Christian….She told me that God answers all prayers……So, uncertain about whether I’ll die in the next second, I prayed to God for the first time, asking him to grant me a life, if he really exists and can hear me ….And, here I am, living gracefully under God’s glory. Although Lydia couldn’t make it to here today because she’s all tied up with her busy schedule, I still want to dedicate my gratitude to her and thank her for being God’s messenger to me.”

Here is my full baptism video, the courtesy of Tyler’s ! I’m extremely terrified of water, but I did it for God, and I’m proud.

Thanks to Pastor Nino for comforting me and baptizing me even when I was contemplating 3000000 ways to fight him!!

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