2016/12/2 Baptism

Uhm, so I got baptized last night…It still feels surreal, but it really did happen ….. WOW!!!

Water and i don’t get along, so going into that huge baptismal was scary; the water was up my waist, and I was just thinking: HOW CAN I GET OUT OF HERE, the whole time ………….

When pastor Nino pushed, or “gently put,” as some would say, my head into water, I almost fought him …. Whoo…Thank God I didn’t !!!!! I don’t want to injure my pastor, but GOING INTO WATER WAS HORRIFYING OK, IT WAS SO DEEP WHAT IF I DROWN. i HAD BATHING SUIT UNDERNEATH BUT STILL !!!!!!!!!!!!

But in the end God made everything worth it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I’m ¬†good so far.


Author: Wenyu Shi

I'm a class of 2019er at the University of Michigan. #GoBlue

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