Happy 19th to My Dearest William Chen

Ok, so I’m sassy as heck and constructing this birthday gift of yours in English. Why English, you say? Well, I know you aren’t good at English and want to force you to improve (*^__^*) I know you are hating me for this, but can you feel the love tonight ????????????

It is currently 2016/11/2, 22 days till your birthday, but I’m drafting this early just for the heck of it ~

It is currently 2016/11/3, 21 days till your birthday, and I’m doing this because I got the time and heart to do so.

It is currently 2016/11/11, 13 days till your birthday, and the election earlier this week was traumatizing…oh dear…Please don’t turn into Trump. You are much more worthy than he is.

It is currently 2016/11/12 10:29, 12 days till your birthday, and wow I realized one important thing. You are annoying AF most of the time, and that’s super stressful on my side to deal with you. I don’t like you, but I love you. This is the only reason for your survival at this point. I’ll throw my favorite song up here, so that you can enjoy it while simultaneously reflecting on yourself. You ask how I know you would like this song?! Like heck, we grew up together, how could I not know ? We know each other too well. *I’m posting the LIVE version instead ’cause I admire this singer too much, and LIVE is better than studio!


It is currently 2016/11/13 22:12, just 11 days till you officially turn 19. Wow, your birthday lands on Thanksgiving day this year ……. Interesting Mhmmmmmm. I guess I’ll thank you for being an amazing friend throughout these 12 years!!! You are awesome for that!!! You, along with 2 of my other girlfriends in Shanghai, are the ones who know the most about me. All the good, bad, pretty and ugly sides of me had been seen by you guys LOLOL. And VICE VERSA HA. Also, thx for having deep conversations with me through WeChat voice-messaging from around 21:00 to now (23:57.) We are experiencing similar issues, and ya know what? I say we can definitely survive thoseeeee. Strive on, my friend !!!!

It is currently 2016/11/14 23:238, 10 days till your 19th birthday !!!! wow …. I can’t believe I’m using my standard diary-format to type up this post for you…Oh btw, this site does not host my blogs, there’s no way for me to let my personal diaries go public, they are my secretsssss. Oh, What am I up to now…Ahhhh, ok, so the things we were talking about yesterday …. Let me give you a little pep talk as an elder sister (by just 5 months though…ok that still counts) Mhm. NEVER look down upon yourself. You are much greater than you think you are. Even though you can be oh-so-annoying at times and bug the crap out me, I still have faith in you, and you should believe in yourself as well! I know you enough to know that you are meant for prosperity. You may feel like shit at times, but that doesn’t diminish your sparkles. You are much more than you think you are! Even if you don’t believe in yourself, know that there is always me who unconditionally believes in and loves you. You must have something great, of I wouldn’t believe in you. Know that even if the whole world betrays you, I would stand behind your back and betray the whole world. But the whole world is not gonna betray you because you aren’t a dick…So yeah. I’ll give you the faith, motivation and energy that you may be missing. I’ll push you forward, like my boyfriend did to me. But no, I’m not your boyfriend.

It is currently 2016/11/15 17:09, 9 days till your birthday

….Mhmm, so I compiled a list of most valuable lessons that I want you to learn. 1) Know God, like heck, I should’ve kidnapped you over the summer and brought you to church with me. But DW, I’m not violent (OR am I …..2) I hope you can truly encounter and open up to this divine being who has always been your blessing. God is the best thing that has happened to me, and I know that’s he’s the best thing you have yet to encounter. Open up to him; attend service; talk to some fellow classmates who are disciples of Jesus Christ’s! You are going to be amazed! 2) Your surrounding is a reflection of yourself. What I mean is, all the people, places and things around you mirror your thoughts and state of mind. 3)  You may not feel like it, but God has great plans for you; he has great plans for everyone; it’s just that some people reject him 🙁 and end up failing 4) Believe in yourself ! You are much more than you think you are! 5) Make friendships in a wise way…Again…I did mention that your surrounding is a reflection of your state of mind….

It is currently 2016/11/16, 8 days till your birthday… I had something to say but forgot …. Ooooops But it’s okkkkk. Oh wait, I think I remember now. You know that almost everyone in your family has once PERSONALLY asked me to guide you, right? Whether that be your grandparents, your uncle, your cousin or your mom……Your mom and I had several encounters, but she talked to me for only one time, and of course, I forgot her face at that time ….(shameless,) but I remembered her words. Know that you are a family member of mine. That means we are together. If you are sad, I tear up. If you are happy, I rejoice. If you win, I triumph as well. I feel like more than your older sister and best friend, but your mother, your uncle, your grandma, grandpa and cousin …….. WOW, WELCOME ME TO THE FAM!!!

It is currently 2016/11/17, just 7 days till your birthday !!!!!!!!!!!! ONE WEEK AWAY, WOW

It is currently 2016/11/18, just 6 days till your 19th birthday !!!!!!!!! Wow, I congratulated Tyler last week on surviving 6 months with me, but people like you, Cece and Vanessa are the real MVP!! You guys have all been with me for 10+ years and wow, holy damnnn. I didn’t know I could raise a boyfriend until I had one LOL. LOL. LOL. It must’ve taken you so much strength to bear my burdens and rejoice my happiness with me over the last 12 years, and I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!

It is currently 2016/11/19, just 5 days, 5 freaking days till your birthday!!!! Michigan had its first snow just now, wow !!! I’m currently suck in a study room at my dorm helping my friend on his homework while simultaneously completing my work as well!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO GRADUATE COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is currently 2016/11/20, just 4 days till your birthday !!! At church today I shared the most important testimony of my life and have received so many prayers !!! …. It then lead me to reflect on where I was in 2011, exactly 5 years ago. I was at UofM on this exact date 5 years ago, at the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, going through lab tests while simultaneously dying and being afraid. I thought to myself to never be back at this place of horror, but guess where I am at today LOL, God had it planned out for me to attend UofM HAHA. I am a living testimony of our Lord’s, so please reach out to me if you want more info.. Mhm…So your birthday, which happens to be Thanksgiving, lands on a Thursday this year, and I was released from hospital on the date of Thanksgiving in 2011 as well, and yep, it was your birthday! I still remember sending you a WeChat message to wish you HBD on that date, and you were like freaking out “OMG WHY ARE YOU IN THE HOSPITAL, ARE YOU OK, SHIT WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!” Well, kiddo, I guess that means your birthday is my lucky day, and that’s why I secretly rejoice on the 11/24 of each year !!! Wow, I thank God for everything !!!!!!!!!!

It is currently 2016/11/21, just 3 days till your 19th birthday. Oh..did I mention that you really aren’t supposed to be using  my passwords as yours ….. Like heck ….. My passwords are not so strong, AND using my PW will put both of us at risk if either of us gets hacked or sth…… I thought I told you that in the summer …. Create your own password, ok ….. It’s not that I’m selfish, but GODDAMN CREATE YOUR OWN PASSWORD!!!!! You know my boyfrand is a passionate comp sci guy, and if he says sharing passwords is risk, then it must be !!!!!!!!! No, I can’t share my boyfriend with you. If you want your own boyfriend, then go get your own. You can’t prey on other people’s boyfriends.

It is currently 2016/11/21, just ③ days till your birthday, yay!!!! I recorded a video for you, and let me try to figure out how to get it on here ………


Hey, this is my 1st YouTube video. I can’t even, but I know this video will bring smiles to your face, and that’s all that mattersss!!!!

It is currently 2016/11/22, just 2 days until your birthday !! Hey, I want to give this to you early, since I will be busy on thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving-birtday, my bestfriend/ little brother/grandson/son/nephew/cousin !! Thanks for teaching me that family is not defined by blood but by love !!!!!!!

If I deem you worthy of my time, then there must be millions of others out there who consider you worthy! Never look down upon yourself; always have faith in yourself and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Btw, if simple English like this is too hard for you, then I really need to slap you in the face.

It is currently 2016/11/23, just 1 day till your 19th birthday ….

Well….I recorded another version of the HBD message since the last video is lacking BGM. Let me get it on here.

Honey, Imma give this to you a day early because tomorrow will be a busy day for me.

It is currently 2016/11/24; today is your birthday. You said you saw the videos but will save this post for later since you’re afraid you’ll tear up upon reading it. You owe me 2 liters of tears, 2 freaking liters! Imma record this here. You can cry in front of me go let me know your growth!

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