Be Yourself

“Well, it’s your life. Why listen to others? If you are truly interested in linguistics and language learning, go ahead and do so. Listen to me, both the Japanese and Shanghainese language systems are truly similar as neither systems possess retroflex. Learning an extra language really helps with being a citizen of the world.”
” I know that, and I want to do that. But my dad is constantly bombarding me with his values. He is very controlling and wants me to do exactly as he oughts me to. I dislike people who are very controlling and that’s why we’ve gotten in quite a few fights, and the outcome has always been me submitting to his wishes.”
“You know, it’s you who will live your life., not your dad or any other person’s.”
“I said that to him, but he said since he’s the one paying my remaining tuition (aside from scholarship coverage,) I have to listen to him.”
“Well, I see how this can be very frustrating. If I were you, I would remain calm when conversing with him even though it’s hard. I would tell him that I know all the benefits and drawbacks associated with my choice of major, and that I believe I can take the drawbacks.”
“…he’s a very difficult person though…”
“Well, if he threatens to halt your education, just ask him if he would be willing to raise you for the rest of your life. Your future should only be in your hands. Learning anything is useful as long as you are willing to put in the work to really know that skill.”


Author: Wenyu Shi

I'm a class of 2019er at the University of Michigan. #GoBlue

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